8 November 2016 to 8 November 2018 - PROJECT CLOSED

Project funded by the Italian Space Agency (ASI).

STRATUS is a satellite mission for Earth Observation (EO) with an onboard instrument capable of probing the Earth’s subsurface in polar and arid regions. STRATUS is based on an innovative distributed radar sounder (RS) with the unique capability to obtain continuous and large-scale subsurface measurements, with homogeneous and consistent quality in two of the least characterized and crucial frontiers of Earth: globally on the polar ice sheets, i.e., Greenland and Antarctica (primary objective), and regionally on the arid areas and deserts. STRATUS is a ground-breaking exploratory mission addressing crucial scientific questions. It provides new fundamental data that have not been acquired by any other past or present remote sensing mission on the Earth, with an expected high and genuine scientific return enabling the assessment of the climate change signature in the Earth subsurface. The project aims at studying and further developing the mission concept and the radar payload.