4 June 2021 to 4 May 2023 - PROJECT CLOSED

Project funded by the Italian Space Agency.

The latest improvements in the spaceborne SAR technologies enable for enhanced capabilities of characterizing very different phenomena happening on the ground through space and time with negligible effects from heavy weather conditions.

The MultiBigSARData project aims at exploiting the synergy of SAR sensors such as COSMO-SkyMed (X band), Sentinel-1 (C band) and SAOCOM (L band) by providing effective characterization of target phenomena at different frequencies and resolutions, through time. The project outcome is a set of advanced processing models and algorithms focused on specific application contexts such as: 1) Pre-processing of SAR multi-mission and multi-frequency sequences of images; 2) SAR/optical data fusion for the characterization of urban variations; 3) Characterization of organic farming; 4) Bi-temporal and multi-temporal change detection in urban and agricultural contexts; 5) Multi-mission SAR data classification.