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RSDE unit is part of the STRATUS, a new satellite mission concept based on a radar sounder for Earth Observation. STRATUS aims at studying for the first time from satellite the subsurface of the Earth. Main goals are the 3D monitoring at global scale of both icy areas (including Antartica, Artic and large glaciers) and desert areas. The project, funded by the Italian Space Agency, aims at studying and further developing the mission concept and the radar payload.

Main activity

RaDAR (RAdio Detection And Ranging) is a general active system in the MW region of the spectrum for the detection and measurement of features of the objects. For its characteristics, it can operate even in nighttime and with clouds coverage. Moreover, the information retrieved is different and complementary to that from systems in optical regions of the spectrum (materials can absorb and reflect energy in different proportions as the radiation wavelength varies).