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Open positionon Smart City and Communities

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Tuesday, 12 March, 2019

FBK invites applications for a research position in the area of City Science, in particular with the ambition of using Big Data sources such as satellite and Google StreetView images, mobile phone and other georeferenced data, crowdsourced (e.g., OpenStreetMap) and administrative data, and social media (e.g., tweets, Instagram images), for building models of citizens’ behaviors and solutions for solving city challenges related to security, mobility, social integration, etc.

Successful candidates are expected to have strong interdisciplinary competences and the ability of leading high impact novelties and research solutions in the City Science domain, as well as excellent soft skills in transferring technological specific knowledge to give software developers the possibility to effectively integrate technological solution into an operating and user-friendly city sensing platform.

The daily work of the researcher will be conducted in collaboration with the following research units:

For further information about the City Sensing flagship project do not hesitate to contact Dr. Marco Pistore by email at .

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