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A Research Position is available for the Remote Sensing for Digital Earth Unit (RSDE), ICT

News date: 
Monday, 1 August, 2016

 Workplace description

Remote Sensing for Digital Earth (RSDE) unit develops research in the remote sensing field with specific attention to: the use of remote sensing and pattern recognition technologies in different application domains for supporting a digital monitoring, analysis and sustainable management of the Earth; the development of efficient services with high impact; the definition of integrated systems for an effective and low-cost management of environment, natural resources and anthropic activities. RSDE unit is involved in planetary exploration as well throughout its activities on Radar for Icy Moon Exploration instrument that will be on board of the JUpiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE) [the first Large-class mission of the ESA’s Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 programme].

 Job Description:

The Remote Sensing for Digital Earth (RSDE) unit is opening a research position. The successful candidate will be involved in research work related to pattern recognition and remote sensing topics and is expected to advance state-of-the-art research in (at least one of) the following topics:

  • Automatic information extraction from radargramms acquired by sub-surface sounding radars operated in planetary exploration missions
  • Classification, segmentation and object detection in remote sensing images acquired by either optical passive sensors or active SAR systems
  • Multi- and hyper-temporal images analysis.

Developed activities are expected to be carried out in the context of applications such as agriculture, forestry, urban planning, civil protection, geology, glaciology and nivology, surveillance, climate change, etc.

The candidate will work in collaboration with other students and researchers of the group, as well as with partners involved in RSDE projects. The candidate is also expected to contribute to writing project proposals.


  • Master degree related to one of the areas in Information and Communication Technologies (e.g., Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics).
  • Knowledge in the field of pattern recognition, image/signal processing, statistic and/or remote sensing
  • Excellent motivation in developing research activities both at theoretical and application levels
  • Good knowledge of existing tools for remote sensing data processing
  • Capability to work in a project-oriented manner, with a strong commitment to achieve assigned objectives
  • Good expertise in programming languages like C and/or Matlab
  • Excellent knowledge of written and spoken English.


  • PHD degree related to one of the areas in Information and Communication Technologies (e.g., Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics)
  • Strong CV in terms of publications and project management
  • Time management, planning and organizational skills
  • Availability for short traveling to project meeting, conferences, workshops
  • Good communication and relational skills
  • Ability to work both independently and in team.


Type of contract: Fixed Term Contract

Number of position: 1

Gross salary: about 33,000 euro per year

Start date: September 2016

Duration: 16 months

Place: Povo, Trento (Italy)

Benefits: flexi-time, company subsidized cafeteria or meal vouchers, internal car park, welcome office support for visa formalities, accommodation, social security, etc., reductions on bank account opening fees, public transportation, sport, language courses fees.

Application Deadline:  21st of August 2016


Candidates must submit their application trough the online form at

Please make sure to enclose the following documents with your application (pdf format):

  • Detailed CV
  • Cover Letter (it should explain the motivation to this specific position)

Please read the Guidelines for selections before applying. For further information, please contact the Human Resources Services at